Pre-Sale Inspections

A Better Choice 4 Home Inspections has been an industry leader in pre-sale inspections for over six years. A pre-sale inspection is intended to alert the vendor to possible issues with his or her home prior to selling the property. One of our expert inspectors will perform a thorough inspection and provide the vendor with both a verbal and written report identifying both the items of concern and those that meet the criteria of our standards of practice.

At this point and often in conjunction with their real estate professional, the vendor can either repair the items that they choose or obtain a quote to have them repaired. This frequently avoids 11th hour negotiations that can prove frustrating. Should the vendor elect to repair defective items, our inspector will return at no additional charge to re-inspect repaired items and edit the report to reflect the current condition of the home, thereby allowing the vendor to put their best foot forward. We will also place one of our industry recognized ‘Pre-Sale’ signs on the property to notify potential purchasers to the fact that the seller has had this service performed. We will also post a photo of the listing on our website and create a link to the listing information, if possible, so that interested prospects can gather more information regarding the listing. The inspection report is not shared in this link.